Mid-City is the main part of Dravos, at least size-wise. It is built atop Undercity but is actually much larger width and length-wise. It is bounded about by the mountains that Dravos is nestled in, but there is a large pair of gates – one each on the East and West sides of the city – that provide the only trade route over the Zollern Mountains.

Mid-City is home to the prosperous worker and business class of the city. These are individuals who work in the transportation and trade of goods, local manufacturing and sales, and the shop owners who provide needs and luxuries for the workers of Dravos.

Most of the residents of Mid-City live in apartment buildings between 3 and 5 stories tall, although there are occasional villas scattered haphazardly throughout it’s expanse. In the center of Mid-City rises the perfectly circular stone column that is the Upper City.

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