The Arch-Magocracy is a vital and powerful Guild that maintains strict control of the use of magic in the city of Dravos. They take in those Gifted children that can bend the aether to their will and teach them how to control these arcane forces. They maintain that they have the sole authority to determine who is allowed the use of these abilities in the city, and any magic practitioners who use their abilities without the sanction of the Guild face death as their reward.

The Arch-Magocracy is led by the Archmage, who is usually the scion of one of the major noble houses as well as a proficient magical user. Below him there are the Adepts, and then the users known as Magus, Journeyman, and Apprentice. No lowborn practitioner passes beyond the rank of Journeyman no matter their proficiency.

All positions in the Arch-Magocracy are life appointments, and so the backstabbing and treachery against those more powerful or more highly ranked is internecine. The high ranks, especially Adept and up, are a careful dance with all participants watching for any slip of those above them that might be exploited.

The Arch-Magocracy acts as the form of control on users of magic, determining which spells and products individual members are allowed to use or create. The Guild trains the magi but they are allowed to serve a noble house, or their own ends, as long as they recognize the authority the Guild has over them.

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