Murdered Manticore

The Murdered Manticore is a tavern located in the Undercity. It has a large main floor with many tables and a large bar. The jakes are just toilets set over holes bored down into a deep pit into The Warrens. The second floor has a balcony with tables looking down over the main room, as well as some bedrooms that rent out for hour. It is owned and operated by Slimjim Jack, a halfling who made his money as a second story man and has now retired to live the good live of a tavern keeper.

Unaffiliated adventurers like to gather in his tavern and discuss jobs, employers and tactics.

Interesting Facts:

  • The well-known assassin Karn Throatsplitter is known to have a permanently rented room here and to spend some of his time off wining and dining here.
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Murdered Manticore

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