Damn Big City

Session 00-2

Karn and Jesana Invade The Warrens

The infamous assassin Karn Throatsplitter was reunited with his friend and mentor, Jesana Leafstorm, in the Murdered Manticore. They were enjoying some fancy wine, courtesy of the Slaad of Limbo, when a loud game of chance intruded on their quiet moment. Discovering that a dwarf was in dire need of money to continue with what he thought was a strong hand of dice, Karn and Jesana agreed to purchase a treasure map off him (which he offered to re-buy when he won). The dwarf was subsequently killed during a scuffle over possible/probable cheating and hijinks ensued.

Left with a map that supposedly lead to a hidden treasure of smuggled goods, the two decided a trip into the Warrens might be lucrative and fun. They went to a local merchant and purchased supplies for their trip, and hired on a dwarfling packbearer named Chumlee Drinkthrower.

They descended into the Warrens through a door made of a mysterious metal in the basement of their favorite Inn. They almost immediately ran into trouble when Karn charged into the lead and fell into a pit trap. After getting him out they followed their packbearer deeper into the forbidding darkness of the mountain’s roots.

Eventually they came upon an open cave and fought with the vampiresses that lived their, as well as their father. They cruelly slew these undead creatures who were merely defending their homes. The wise packbearer did not involve himself in anything that wasn’t part of the service contract.

After catching their breath after the slaughtering was over they explored further. They found a cave and ascertained it was occupied and so attacked. Inside was an elderly orc and his orphaned-goblin-fosterlings (40 of them) and they proceeded to genocide this family. While searching the chests in the cave Karn managed to get himself poisoned.

Eventually after resting they quarrelled with Chumlee and voided their contract and so he left. He left all the objects he was carrying with them, including a strange black velvet bag. The intrepid adventurers moved deeper into the Warrens and stumbled into a cave monster and fought mightily with him, causing the tunnel to collapse. Pushing ahead they found a magic gate which Jesana ably opened. Inside the foyer they found an old high-elf chained to the wall. He told them that he was named Kanai Ka’vanth and they freed him (under Karn’s protest). He related how dwarves were within stealing his items and that if they helped him fight them off he would richly reward them.

Inside they found dwarves making a mess and attacked them. In the brawl Karn was accidentally hit by a bit of magic from Kanai and he cruelly slew the old elf. After he was dead, the dwarves advised the adventurers that this was their house and that the dwarf who had sold them the map had also sold them a bill of goods, because he was an inveterate gambler who would lie to get money. There was no treasure to find, at least not without a protracted battle with the dwarves, which Karn did not feel he could survive. The two adventurers returned to the Undercity to lick their wounds.



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