Damn Big City

Session 00

Karn's Evening Is Interrupted

Karn Throatsplitter was accused by Dustlord Quantrell of being hired to assassinate him. His minions confronted Karn at the Murdered Manticore and when they were ejected by Slimjim Jack they waited outside for the well-known assassin. He exited via the 2nd story of the Inn and managed to capture one for questioning. Later on he was ambushed in a local square as he made his way to visit a paramour. He was brought before the irate Dustlord and offered up that he was innocent, but the Dustlord demanded trial by combat. Karn agreed but then used his amazing physical skills to escape the arena and slay the crime lord. It seems the name of Karn Throatsplitter is resounding even louder in the Undercity, whether this is a good thing or not is still waiting to be seen.



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