About 800 years ago the Undercity used to just be the City itself. Then, a dreadful plague struck the city and the magi of the Arch-Magocracy gathered their noble family members and retainers and performed a great Working and simply built a whole new layer over top of what is now Undercity. They trapped the diseased residents and eventually most of them died off, but some managed to survive and others have immigrated to this Twilight layer over the last 8 centuries.

Undercity has become a haven for the criminal element, the Dustdens, the slave bazaars. It’s murder-laden taverns are so famous people with a desire for danger venture down from Mid-City and higher. Undercity still has many fabulous squares and fountains and parks, but no sunlight. Parts of the city are light by magical lights, especially the places where criminals seek to entice those with money to come down from above them.

Longterm residents of The Warrens and the Undercity begin to live on idiosyncratic clocks because there is no sky to reference. Oftentimes they just pick a moment they feel is “morning” and start their day there, irrespective of the daylight or lack of it above them. This means that there are generally more people moving around at any given moment than in the city above them.

There are now wide boulevards that lead up to Mid-City that carriages travel up and down. Guards stand on the topside to keep any Undercity residents from coming up, but there are many secret tunnels and cracks that have been created over time.

Known Locations:

Murdered Manticore

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