The Nobles and High-Nobles

Dravos has it’s own Nobility, who descend from the founders and early settlers of the city. Their power and wealth have increased steadily over the years, leading them to take great pride (some might say overweeningly so) in their position. They have maneuvered for centuries in a slow war between the Great Houses in attempts to fully grab the reins of power.

The situation is complicated by the fact that to rise within the Arch-Magocracy one must be of Noble birth, and the same goes for the Temple as well. These sons and daughters of the Great Houses have their own power that they are growing, and using, and can come into conflict with their own birth Houses as well.

The Nobles are split into the Great Houses and Lesser Houses. Only those from the Great Houses are considered High-Nobles. There is a Noble Council that is made up of the Great Houses that supposedly rules the city but in reality it acts more as an arbiter in the internecine and endless House wars.

Great Houses:

Lesser Houses:

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The Nobles and High-Nobles

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