Religion and Faith

Religion is very important in Dravos, and they know it too. The Temple is run by scions of the Noble Houses who are individual Priests and Priestesses of Deities. Every Cleric is nominally a member of the the Temple although most have little to no say in how religious matters in the city are governed.

All Gods and Goddesses are allowed to have representation within the Temple. Most deities have a large following, usually of one or more races, and they have specialized divine portfolios they take care for. Most citizens worship many different deities depending on what they feel they need divine aid for or protection from.

New deities do make themselves known from time to time, wandering in to this plane from another or rising from mortality to godhood through acts of magic and might. This usually causes a shakeup as relatively new and naive clerics receive a chance to be instantly promoted to the Temple.

The Temple


Veva (CG): Life/Nature: Lord of Life and Nature
Jinx (CN): Life/Trickery: The Trickster
Nerza (CE): Nature/Tempest: Nature’s Wrath
Archeos (NG): Knowledge/Light: The Scholar
Ritter (N): Light/War: The BattleMaster, Lord of Mercenaries
Whisper (NE): Knowledge/Trickery: ShadowLady of Thieves
Kagarath (LG): Tempest/War: Lightning Lord of Divine Judgement
Synpho (LN): Life/Nature: Lady of the Woods
Morrigu (LE): Death/War: Lady of Death and Bloodshed

Religion and Faith

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