Dravos Overview

Nestled high in the Zollern mountain range is the city of Dravos. It is the largest and richest city in the known world, sitting atop the only trade route through the mountains. It is known far and wide for it’s ostentatious and obscene excess of wealth, and the depths of squalor and pain for those who do not occupy the heights.

Over the centuries it has become the center of trade for the known world, and in it’s bazaars you can buy any commodity, treasure, magic, or pleasure of the flesh. Everything – legal or illegal – can be had for the right price.

Dravos’ Academies and Universities are renowned for their libraries and extensive traditional educational opportunities. Young men and women come to these hallowed institutions naive and ignorant and come out urbane, educated and wise to the ways of the world.

Ruled by a caste of High-Nobles, administered by their relatives in the Priesthood and Arch-Magocracy, and gallivanted through by their younger do-nothing heirs, Dravos’ Noble families maintain a tight level of control of the Noble Ring and Upper City.

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Dravos Overview

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